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The Newcastle Jet Provost Group was formed in 1995 following the purchase of a Jet Provost Mk T.3A, XM479. 


We are based at Leeds EAST Airport . The Jet Provost, better known as the "JP" is flown by group members on training and recurrency flights, we also display the aircaft at as many airshows as possible in which group members also attend. 


We are a fully CAA approved jet training organisation and can teach members how to fly a Jet Provost aircraft from starting out to that first solo jet flight. 


The aircraft's civil registration is: G-BVEZ, however the aircraft retains it's RAF markings and still bares XM479, its original registration. 


The aircraft is operated on a CAA "permit to fly" which has to be renewed every year and flys VFR day only. 

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