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Trial Flights




If you are a current PPL or commercial pilot; we are able to offer test flights for people interested in joining the group. 


A test flight lasts for around 45-60 min. fuel burn is 600litres per hour. You will need to pay for fuel upon landing with a VISA or Mastercard

These flights are open to pilots who are serious about joining the group. 

Social Membership

Non Pilots & Aviation Enthusiasts 


The group can offer shared flights to non pilots that join the group as social members. 


Spare seats to airshows or general local sorties regularly become available. These spare seats are open to social members of the group. 



One Off Flights  

Under the CAA cost share rules we can take people for one off flights with the passenger paying 99% of the fuel and landing fees. The waiting list for these flights is well over a year.

If you wish to jump the queue then priority for these flights goes to social members, its possible to join as a social member for a minimum of 6 months, and be moved up the waiting list.. 6 months of social membership costs £300 and can be paid on the day of the flight. 

If you wish to be considered for a flight please send via the contact us  form on this website with : 




Location in uk:

Preference: mid week or  weekend : 

Flying experience in hours:

6 Months social membership - Yes / No ?  


You will then be contacted when a spare seat becomes available. It's unlikely we can accommodate specific dates unless a social membership is purchased.  

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