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Pilot Member


Pilots are able to purchase shares in a Jet Provost Mk3A aircraft based at Durham Tees Valley .G-BVEZ  XM 479  


You will require a PPL and around 200 hours total SEP time to join the syndicate if you wish to fly the aircraft solo and take passengers. 



Fuel burn is around 600 litres of Jet A1 per hour. 

Our (not for profit) syndicate is the cheapest jet group in the UK and very likely the world. The Jet Provost Mk3 is a lot cheaper than the Mk4 and Mk5 Jet Provost per flying hour.


Conversion to the Jet takes 5-10 hrs depending on experience. The group have a number of free flying ops for pilots with free fuel for airshows and experience flights. 


Please see trail flight section of our website





Social Member


Social members get all the fun and none of the bills, this would be ideal if you havent got a flying licence but would still like the chance to fly in a classic British jet aircraft. 


•The opportunity to help maintain and support a rare British warbird flying in the UK

•To access the aircraft at anytime

•The chance to fly in the aircraft

•The opportunity to fly into airshows and events around the UK


No liability for aircraft maintenance etc 

All social members can leave the scheme at anytime they wish..

Please see trail flight section of our website

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